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Laboratory Chromatography

On Line Chromatography

Portable Chromatography

Vehicular Chromatography


Typical series

Gas Chromatograph




Special GC Series For High Purity Gas, special Gas & Electronic Gas Analysis


GC-9560-PDD  Helium Ionized Gas Chromatograph


GC-9560C     High Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph


GC-9760D     Portable Helium-ionization Gas Chromatograph


HA-9660      On-line Gas Chromatograph series



Dedicated Chromatographic Series


GC-9560-HQ    Fuel Gas dedicated Chromatograph


GC-9760E         Portable Chromatograph For Natural Gas Analysis


GC-9560-HTP   Catalytic Evaluation Online Chromatograph


GC-9760F          Multifunctional Portable Gas Analysis Chromatograph


GC-9560-HF   Fluorine Gas dedicated Chromatograph


GC-9560-HS   Gasoline Chromatograph For Vehicles



Environmental monitoring series


HA-9660-VOCs   Environmental On-line Monitoring System

GC-9560-HT     Indoor Air Quality Dedicated Chromatograph


New Energy Series


Vehicle Hydrogen Energy Detection



Electric oil & Special Gas Ghromatograph Series


GC-9560-HG    Helium Ionization Gas Chromatograph For Decomposition Products Of Sulfur Hexafluoride

GC-9760B       Sulfur Hexafluoride Device Discharge Decomposition Product Helium Ion Detector

GC-9560C       Sulfur Hexafluoride New Gas Purity Chromatograph

GC-9760C      Portable Chromatograph For Purity Of Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas

GC-9760G      Portable Helium Ionization Chromatograph For Transformer Oil

GC-9560-HD   Transformer Oil  Dedicated Chromatograph

GC-9760A      Portable chromatograph for transformer oil